Eid celebration day

rsday 14th June we will be celebrating Eid with the children. In the morning we are honoured to have a previous mum of the group coming into nursery to work with the children with things like making Eid cards, painting henna patterns and preparing a traditional savoury snack.

In the afternoon we are inviting all parents and carers to come and join us in an Eid party. It would be lovely to see you! Just let the office know if you are coming.

We also have an activity sheet for parents to take home and make an Eid Moon and Star mobile with the children. Activity sheets linked to other topics we have undertaken recently are also still available if you haven’t managed to pick one up yet. All we ask is a small contribution towards photocopying costs

Here are some Eid memories of a great day

eid henna tattoos eid tattoos IMG_2206