Information for Parents


We are fully registered with Ofsted and a copy of our latest inspection report can be seen via a link on this web site. Our Ofsted registration number is 300784.


We use a computer software system called TAPESTRY to compile and store all children’s learning journeys and share information about their day with us (care diaries) including any accidents.  TAPESTRY is completely secure and is used in many schools and early years settings. This system allows greater efficiency in both time and presentation.  Both ourselves and you and can upload text, videos, audio and photos as a great way to evidence and share your child’s progress. You can access TAPESTRY  on any platform including via their app.

When you are registered you will be asked to set up your own access code for TAPESTRY allowing you to securely view and add to your child’s account and (if used) you will be able to see what they had for lunch, what time they had a nap and the recording of any accidents they may have had whilst with us. We tend not to use the care diaries for children over 2 but we can do so if you would like it. It is a great way to communicate with your child’s key person. 

 You will be asked to fill the `All About Me` page on your child`s profile which will allow us to gain a vital insight into your child`s routines and hobbies.  

The way the system works should be explained to you in more detail on your settling in visits prior to starting nursery, but should you have any questions before, or after, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Key Person’s

Our key person system gives each member of staff responsibility for just a few children within the group which ensures a positive attachment and gives you a named contact. You will be informed of your child’s key person before you child starts and in most cases get to meet them on your settling in visits. Each key person has a `buddy` to work alongside as staff sometimes only work part time and attendance days of the children do not always match 100%.

Your child’s key person will work with you and any other childcare provider involved with your child, to collect and record information about your child’s needs, activities, interests and achievements, so that we can offer the appropriate learning opportunities to each child individually and know how to help them move on to their next steps of learning confidently. 

Upon starting your child’s key person will set what we call a base line which is were we think they are developmentally, this information obviously comes from you or any other childcare provider your child may have attended prior to starting with us. They will also carry out a 2 year old progress check in accordance to the welfare requirements set out by Ofsted. It is just a summary of their development and forms part of their health and development review that is carried out by your health visitor.

Finances, Terms and Conditions and Contracts

All parents will be required to sign a contract outlining agreed hours and start date, before their child is allowed to start at nursery. There are terms and conditions which you must agree to before your contract is valid and a place secured. Please ensure you read these fully!

For children attending all year round, there is 3 weeks holiday allocation which you will not be charged for, this is on top of the 1.5/2 weeks we are shut during the Christmas period or the bank holidays which we also do not charge for.

Invoices are sent out one month in advance and must be paid in advance every month via bank transfer or tax free childcare vouchers. Please do not pay with cash if at all possible but if you do you must, only give cash to either Alison Vickers, Hannah Marsh or Clare Wiggett and retain your receipt until the amount is shown on your account as having been paid. Our bank account details are sort code 60-83-01, account number 20332907. Please use your child’s name as reference.

It is essential that vouchers for tax free childcare vouchers for working parents are received prior to paying your invoice.

As an example, if you are due to pay Wizz Kids on the 7th August and your first childcare vouchers are due to be issued on the 15th August, you will be required to pay Wizz Kids in full on the 7th August and the vouchers will be put towards the following months fees.

For more information on Tax free childcare vouchers and how you can register for them please visit the governments web site

If your invoice is in arrears by more than 7 days we will speak directly to you regarding the matter and either a payment plan will be implemented or we will expect to receive payment within the next 7 days.

All accounts must be cleared one month before the child is due to leave.

If payments are not maintained there will be a £20 late fee charge for the first day and £2 daily charge there after until the amount due has been paid.

In the event of non-payment Wizz Kids reserve the right to:-

  • Withdraw your child’s fee-paid place and offer it to another child.
  • Recover monies owed by the use of debt collection agencies or by means of civil action. In the event of costs incurred by Wizz Kids in the pursuit of outstanding debt, any additional legal/administrative costs will be added to the original arrears. This could substantially increase the amount of monies owed to Wizz Kids.


To be able to maintain a suitable staffing ratio there can be no refunds for illness or absence etc. other than booked holiday for the children who are on a full year contract. Those on a term time only contract will not be eligible to a refund for holiday taken during term time.

You must inform us as soon as is possible if your child is unable to attend nursery for any reason and we will record it accordingly to comply with the delivery of FEL and  Sheffield’s ‘Children Missing from Pre-school’ policy. You can read the policies on our Policy page. 

If your child receives Free Early Learning but is unable to attend due to illness their place will be held and funding will be claimed as long as they are likely to return before the end of term. If a child receiving Free Entitlement Funding misses the same block of funded hours for 3 consecutive weeks we will speak to you regarding the situation to see if alternative arrangements need to be made as funding may be withdrawn by the local authority.

Arriving and Leaving

Between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm the gates onto school site are locked by the school so if for any reason you have to arrive/leave between these times you will need to do so via our garden gates which can be accessed via the schools lower entrance on Baslow Road ONLY. It is difficult for us to operate these gates so please avoid us having to do so wherever possible.

Outside of 9-3 you can use either the Sunnyvale Road entrance or the Baslow Road lower entrance. Our main door faces the school at the end furthest away from Baslow Road.

We have found that parents staying outside the building is easier for the children to transition into nursery and safer at collection time but should you wish to enter the building please feel free to do so. 

If you can not collect your child yourself and we have not been informed of a different arrangement we will contact you before allowing the child to leave and the use of a password, which will be asked for on your registration from, will be needed.  We require name and address details of all persons picking up your child no matter how infrequently. 

No child will be allowed to leave the building without being accompanied by a person over the age of 16. 

Please note that if a person has parental responsibility for a child, we cannot stop them from collecting their child. This is, of course, unless there is an order from a court denying access. If you are at all concerned about any issues surrounding who can, or can not collect your child please talk to the manager about them.

Parental responsibility is defined by the Children Act 1989. The act grants the responsibility for safeguarding, care and education of the children to:
  • Birth mother (parental responsibility is only lost if the mother puts the child up for adoption)
  • Birth father who is married to the birth mother (parental responsibility is only lost if the father puts the child up for adoption)
  • Birth father who is not married to birth mother but has applied for parental responsibility either through a residency order or through the Family Courts.
  • Birth father who is not married to birth mother but had jointly registered the child’s birth with the birth mother since December 2004
  • Any other person who has been granted parental responsibility through the Family Courts.


Our group aims to adhere to the DfEE Special Educational needs and disabilities code of practice 2021 and the Children’s and Families Act 2014, to provide inclusive learning opportunities for all children. Children with special needs will be admitted to Wizz Kids after consultation between parents/carers and Nursery leaders.

Lunch and tea time

On the `About Me` page on TAPESTRY, there is a section to complete about your child’s individual feeding patterns and dietary needs. This information is continuously updated as appetites and routines develop.  Lunch time is between 12p.m-1p.m.

If your child is staying for lunch, you can send them with a lunch and drink in a suitable container which clearly shows their name. Alternatively, you can buy a hot dinner from the school kitchen during term time. The menu is on a 3 week rolling programme and there is a daily choice of a Red option (meat), Green (vegetarian) Yellow (Jacket Potato) and a Blue (sandwich) . The meals tend not to be really suitable for children under the age of 15 months. There is a copy of the menu on this website. Meals can be ordered either in advance or on a daily basis just as a 1 off and you will be invoiced for them retrospectively.

Please note that we can only reheat pre-cooked food at Wizz Kids, we do not have the facilities to prepare and cook any types of food on the premises.

If your child is staying with us past 4:30pm you are more than welcome to send them with a pack up to be eaten here.  Not all children who stay that late do eat here so if you prefer that you all eat together as a family at home then it is not a problem.

All chilled or fresh products will be stored in the appropriate fridge until required.

Bottles, cups and formula milk must be supplied by you and clearly named. Formula milk must be in an air tight sterile container. Feed bottles will be sterilized, stored and made up following advice set out by the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency.

It is always useful to know what you expect your children to eat and any family rules or routines during meal times, this is so we can reflect and enforce your family values. For example some parents will over fill the lunch box just in case but do not expect the child to eat everything, others will prefer the child to try to eat all the contents provided.

Snack time

Individual named water bottles are constantly available and children are offered a healthy snack of usually fruit during the morning session and again around 15:00.  There is always milk available too.


If children appear unwell during the day-have a temperature, sickness, diarrhoea or pains, particularly in the head or stomach we will contact you to collect you child. If you cannot do this yourselves, you must send a known carer to collect your child on your behalf asap which why it is so important to have at least one local emergency contact listed on your admission form. Until being picked up we will endeavour to make your child comfortable in the quiet room and attend to them until they can go home. If a more serious incident occurs and you cannot be contacted in time, if staff ratios allow one member of staff will accompany your child to the doctor/hospital and another member based at Wizz Kids will continue to try to contact you.

After diarrhoea or sickness, parents should keep children home for 48 hours (or in the case of diarrhoea until a formed stool is passed).

This table shows the recommended minimum period for staying away from nursery should your child suffer from any of the illness below. There is a more extensive list obtainable from )

Please note this is only a guide and medical advice should always be sought. Children must never come to nursery if they are feeling unwell or have a high temperature regardless of them being infectious or not: If they need an infant medication such as Calpol they must not attend nursery. Please note we can and will refuse admittance to children who have a temperature, sickness and diarrhoea or a contagious infection or disease.

Illness Period when infectious Minimum period of staying away from nursery
Chickenpox From 1 day before to 6 days after the appearance of a rash 5 days from onset of rash
German measles From at least 1 week before & up to 4 days after the onset of a rash 5 days from onset of rash
Measles From a few days prior to onset of symptoms to subsidence of swelling 5 days after the onset of swollen glands
Whooping cough From early stages and up to 3 weeks after onset of a cough 5 days after Antibiotics have been initiated or 3wks if no Antibiotics are administered.
Impetigo   Until spots have healed or 48hrs after start of treatment
Head Lice   Until treatment received
Scabies Infection spread from Person-person until successfully treated Until the day after treatment has begun
Conjunctivitis Infectious until cleared up Until cleared if Bacterial e.g pus/sticky eyes. No exclusion for Pink Eye Viral Infection
Diarrhoea Vomiting & Dysentery   48 hours after Diarrhoea or Vomiting has stopped
Slapped Cheek Syndrome   No exclusion
Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease   No exclusion as long as the child is well
Threadworms   No exclusion if treatment is being received
Scarlet Fever   Until 48 hours after Antibiotics are administered
Throat and Ear Infections   Until medication begins to work and temperature is back to normal. At least 48 hours.

If your child has a non-serious accident at nursery i.e. falls and grazes their knee it will be dealt with by one of our first aid trained members of staff. The nature of the injury and treatment given will be recorded on an accident form on their TAPESTRY journal. We approve the accident and parents sign to acknowledge receipt.

It is also important that you inform us of any accidents / illnesses that have happened whilst not in our care. You will be asked to fill out a form describing the circumstances of the accident/incident and any further action that is needed such as any medication to be administered.

Administering Medication

While it is not our policy to care for sick children who should be at home until they are well enough to return to the setting, we will agree to administer medication as part of maintaining their health and well-being or when they are recovering from an illness.

In many cases, it is possible for the GP to prescribe medicine that can be taken at home in the morning and evening. As far as possible, administering medicines will only be done where it would be detrimental to the child’s health if not given in the setting. If a child has not had a medication before, especially a baby/child under two, it is advised that the parent keeps the child at home for the first 48 hours to ensure no adverse effect, as well as to give time for the medication to take effect. Children taking prescribed medication must be well enough to attend the setting!

Only medication prescribed by a doctor (or other medically qualified person) can be administered by us. It must be in-date and prescribed for the current condition. Parents must give prior written permission for the administration of medication.

Oral medication i.e inhalers

Any oral medications must be prescribed by a GP or have manufacturer’s instructions clearly written on them. We must be provided with clear written instructions on how to administer such  medication and we must have the parents or guardians prior written consent to administer.

Nappies and Toilet Training     

It is a parent`s responsibility to provide a constant supply of nappies, nappy rash creams, wet wipes and nappy sacks if required. You may be asked to fill out a medication form for us to apply any nappy creams. Each child in nappies has a named box/drawer in which their supplies will be kept for their sole use. We will inform you when any supplies need to be replenished.  Please note there will be a charge of 50p per nappy if we have to use one from our stocks and 50p per day for baby wipes.

For children who are new to toilet training we offer support and advice and will operate various methods of encouragement to make this a positive development. If you require further information regarding toilet training, please speak to a member of staff.

Sleep and rest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We will gather information from you on your child’s sleep or rest needs and will endeavour to accommodate these where ever possible. We have a designated room in which children can sleep away from the main play areas. This room is equipped with cots and mattresses. To ensure good posture development, we do not recommend that children sleep in a buggy or car seat.

Sheets and blankets will be supplied by nursery for your child’s sole use. Alternatively, you can supply blankets which will be returned to you for laundering.

What to wear

In order to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy play, it is best to send children dressed in clothes which are easily washable and not too new. simple clothing which the children can manage themselves will enable them to go to the toilet when needed and dress for outdoor play. it is good for children to practice the skills which will lead them to being independent.

We go outside every day so please make sure that your child comes appropriately dressed for the weather. We recommend our Wizz Kids sweatshirts and polo shirts which can be ordered using the order form on the website. file:///C:/Users/alison/Google%20Drive/Wizz%20Kids%20Preschool%202.pdf

Please provide a pair of wellies for outdoor play and waterproofs. these should be kept at the nursery if possible. we will always have spare pairs but with hygiene in mind it would be best if they could bring their own.

PLEASE PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL YOUR CHILD’S POSSESSIONS ARE CLEARLY NAMED! It is very important to name all loose items of clothing and footwear. You can purchase name labels or pens from many companies we have included a link to NAMETAGS on this website, we can not stress enough that naming every sock, shoe and glove will really help staff keep track of things. We take no responsibility for unnamed lost items. We do have a lost property box and display the contents of this on our Face Book page.


We hold regular fire drills ensuring all the children are familiar with the procedure. There is a fire notice in the entrance, please make it a priority to read this when first arriving at Wizz Kids.  On discovery of a fire, an adult will blow a whistle.  In the case of an actual fire, if we are unable to re-enter the building (which is likely) we will contact you from school to collect your child. Please ensure that your emergency contact details are up to date.


To ensure the safety of the children, please do not park or drive in the area between the vicarage (large house on the corner) and the school gates. Please do not use the area inside the school gates as a turning circle.

We are not allowed access up the school drive at any time and there is a barrier preventing vehicular access

We appreciate that the walk up the drive may seem long but please add the extra time it takes into your schedule, allowing an extra 5 minutes will ensure the safety and maintain good relations with everyone.

Concerns and complaints procedure:

The care of your child is paramount to us. If you have any concerns regarding your child or the care your child is receiving we want to know about it. Please do not hesitate to contact the manager, Alison Vickers, who will be happy to discuss any worries or concerns or you can contact the committee via their email address which is

If you still have concerns and wish to take matters further, you can contact Ofsted. 

Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD telephone no. 0300 123 1231.

Links with Totley Primary

Wizz Kids is positioned in the grounds of Totley Primary school. Although we are completely independent from the school the excellent logistics mean we can give the children opportunities to learn about a school environment, whichever school they will attend. Please note attending Wizz Kids DOES NOT mean you will automatically be granted a place at Totley Primary and it will not influence any admission decision. You must apply for a school place via the local authority usually before the end of January the academic year before your child turns 5. It is mandatory that children are in full time education from the beginning of the term after their 5th birth day For more information visit the councils web site


All issues relating to safeguarding must be made known to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who is Alison Vickers.  The safeguarding deputies are Hannah Marsh and Claire Whiteley. The staff are available at all times to listen to concerns about your child or any other child in the group. At all times we practice confidentiality, but we retain the right to discuss any area of concern with other agencies. Children may make a disclosure whilst at Wizz Kids and under the Safeguarding Guidelines we have to take any such event seriously and seek advice.

All suspicions of staff abuse will be dealt with following set procedures. If you have any concerns regarding Safeguarding issues including staff behaviour and wish to speak to someone other the DSL or deputies you can contact our safeguarding representative on the committee – Amy Wright, 07834161837, email or you can contact her via the committees email –

Our full safeguarding policy and procedures –