Highlights at nursery

We are always trying new and innovative ways of keeping our children engaged at nursery. Here are a few details of what we have been up to recently:

Veronika is teaching the children a session of core stability each week . This is similar to kiddy yoga and is a fun way to introduce children to planned exercise.

Forest school sessions are proving very popular with the children and staff and are being funded by Bee Funding at no extra cost to parents. Last week the children dug for worms to make a wormery and made bricks from torn up newspapers . We are planning to train our staff in forest schooling so we can continue the classes into the future.

We are focusing on teaching our children about STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) We are always encouraging our children to learn outside so these two themes should work well to support each other. If you have any ideas for projects or activities please let us know!