About the rooms


Our rooms are organised in a way that allows children to re visit activities and resources to become familiar and confident in their surroundings, the sooner this happens, the quicker they settle and begin to enjoy nursery.

The children have free fow access to outside play areas and the main area is split down the middle with the Under 2’s accomodating one side and the over 2’s the other. Although partioned we have left a large opening between the sides which helps to keep the feeling of us all being together. 


Under 2’s

Within this room there are lots of areas to entertain and expand young minds both mentally and physically. These include a book corner, soft climbing area, a sensory area, home corner, sand and water tables, mini slide and climbing frame, small dining table and chairs for lunch and of course lots of age appropriate toys .

We have a separate room for children who like to sleep in a quiet environment but equally for those who do not like to sleep separated we have a comfy corner in the main room for naps. There is a fully equipped nappy change and they have exclusive access to half of the covered veranda for some outdoor fun. The larger outside area, although primarily used by the older children, can also be accessed by the younger children.   Tara is our Head of Room and her team is Kirstina Parton and Lauren Heppenstall. 



OVER 2’s room 

This side is for children aged 2-4 years old. We offer continuous provision which means the children have continuous access to recourses in designated areas covering creative, maths, reading, sand and water, role play, music and movement, construction and small world play.

Alongside continuous provision we complete weekly planning sheets designed to build on indivdual children`s time at nursery and maximise the opportunities of learning through play.  We have new topics every half term.

An average day will start with the children playing independently until group time at 9.30 when they are split into small groups to talk and learn in a settled environment. Then there is a combination of free play and focused activities both indoors and out and then just before lunch we have a story or singing session. Once lunch is over it is more of the same.

All the chidren have access to their individual water bottles throughout the day and can help choose the snack they would like from a daily choice of fruit. Children are offered these snacks during the morning session, and again at around 3pm with allergies or intolerances accommodated.

We invite guests to visit (covid restrictions allowing) and spend time at nursery including visits to celebrate special occasions like Chinese New Year, Hanukah, Eid and Easter.  Parents are always welcomed on these special days and we are always happy to receive offers of reading, baking or helping with activities from parents or grandparents.


We use our outdoors space all year round and are always creating new and exciting ways to utilise the space and encourage independence in children’s play. Outside has a large sand and water area, mud kitchen, small world, slide, car track, veg garden and wildlife pond.  Children are always closely monitored and risk assessments done daily to ensure that the areas are safe and free from hazards.

Delicious creations in our mud kitchen

making art on stones

Exploring nature


Yoga and core stability – This is a great way to develop children’s core muscles and gross motor skills, helping them sit properly, run more easily and climb confidently. By developing these muscles, children can gain greater pencil control.  Yoga is offered to our children 2 times per week

Play and Say – Encourages the development of speech for children aged between 2 and 2 1/2 years. Sessions are run weekly for a 4 week programme during term time by a qualified member of staff in both baby room and big side.  The sessions include singing and Makaton.

Speech and Language groups are run 3 times per week by one of our SENco’s.  This follows on from the play and say group for children who benefit from time in a smaller group to develop their langauge skills and confidence.

Games group is run for children who need support with making relationships, turn taking or just enjoy games!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) this group is run weekly and offers children a chance to develop their exploration skills. Well planned tasks are on offer for the children to gain curiousity in the world around them and links to the ‘Understanding the World’ area of the curriculum.

Phonics group is run 3 days a week and focusses on phase 1 phonics, extending to phase 2 for children who are ready.  The children are encouraged to listen for and name sounds they can hear, explore rhyme and  then moving onto recognising letters.