Inside Wizz Kids

Wizz Kids is located in a purpose built wooden log cabin with an inviting outdoor area based around nature and outdoors learning. The building is divided along its length into two rooms to separate the younger children  ( under 2 ) and the older toddlers and four year olds.

Baby Room 

The baby room is for children from 3 months to 2 years . The room is flanked by low level windows which look out onto the playing fields and countryside beyond. The school children are often very interesting to look at! Within the room there are lots of areas to entertain and expand young minds both mentally and physically. These include a book corner, soft climbing area, a sensory tent, some pet fish, home corner, sand and water tables, mini slide and climbing frame, small dining table and chairs for lunch and lots of age appropriate toys .

We also have a separate sleeping room and nappy change area and  an enclosed balcony area with outdoor activities. We are able to take them onto the larger older outdoor area if they are happy to explore further afield. Staff ratio is strictly adhered to and complies with OFSTED regulations of one qualified member of staff per 3 children under 1 years old and one per every 4 children aged 1 – 3 years old.

The ‘BIG’ Side 

This side is for children aged 2 -4 years old and is divided into zones which reflect the key areas of learning. Each area has a dedicated staff member to keep the areas relevant to topic, fun and engaging . The areas are : creative, maths, reading and book corner, sand and water play, role play including fancy dress and home corner, computer area, music and movement and construction. Children will have activities available in all areas throughout the day and we encourage children to explore and free play. Alongside this we will complete weekly planning sheets designed to build on  children`s time at nursery  and maximise the opportunities of learning through play.  We have new topics every half term and planning for these is designed to extend their experiences and knowledge while at pre school. The children get involved and vote for the next topic which usually revolves round a famous fairy tale,book or nursery rhyme.

An average day will start with sorting belongings and  a catch up with anything new. The children are encouraged to play independently until group time at 9.20 where children are split into small groups to talk and learn in a settled environment. This is also when they have morning snack. There will be plenty of encouragement to go outside as we head out all year round and then story / singing before lunch. The afternoon will include another sit down story time and other activities, for example one week they made gingerbread men to take home to tie in with the gingerbread man story.

We also invite guests to visit and spend time at nursery including visits to celebrate special occasions like Chines New Year, Hannuka, Eid and Easter.  Parents are always welcomed on these special days and we are always happy to receive offers of reading, baking or helping with activities form parents or grandparents.