Nappies and Personal Care

Nappies and Toilet Training     

It is a parent`s responsibility to provide a constant supply of nappies, nappy rash creams, wet wipes and nappy sacks. You may be asked to fill out a medication form for us to apply any nappy creams. Each child has a named box/drawer in which their supplies will be kept for their sole use. We will inform you when any supplies need to be replenished.  Please note there will be a charge of 50p per nappy if we have to use one from our stocks and 50p per day for baby wipes.

For children who are new to toilet training we offer support and advice and will operate various methods of encouragement to make this a positive development. If you require further information regarding toilet training, please speak to a member of staff.

Sleep and rest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We will gather information from you on your child’s sleep or rest needs and will endeavor to accommodate these where ever possible. We have a designated room in which children can sleep away from the main play areas. This room is equipped with cots and mattresses or cushions. To ensure good posture development, we do not recommend that children sleep in a buggy or car seat.

Sheets and blankets will be supplied by nursery for your child’s sole use. Alternatively, you can supply blankets which will be returned to you for laundering.