Scrap dragon – want creative resources to re -cycle

Scrap dragon is a non profit organisation supplying creative , recycled materials.  They are on the lookout for different and interesting waste or surplus materials that can be used creatively. For example, card, paper, fabric, leather, wood, paint, plastic, netting, canvas, string, rope, tent, awning material. If you think you could donate please contact 0114 2720615, facebook, twitter.

The right nutrition for your toddler

The infant and toddler Forum reveals data from a brand new study looking at how much UK toddlers are being given to eat. Specifically focusing on portion size and guidelins on appropriate sugar/fat/salt intake. More info at



Sun cream Reminder

Please can we kindly remind all parents to apply sun cream to their children before bringing them to nursery on hot days.  We ask that children also have a supply of sun cream and a sun hat to be kept at nursery during summer term.

Thank you

Tapestry Early years Learning Log

Hopefully we are well on the way to establishing TAPESTRY as our new software programme to store and update child profiles. These observations and records are available for you to access so you can see photographs and statements stored about your child`s time at nursery. You are also able to contribute to their folders by sending photographs and text outlining activities they have done with you.

TAPESTRY seems to be quite user friendly and it has been really encouraging to see so many parents viewing and contributing to their child`s learning log.

If any parent wants to be re-sent log in details please email or telephone the  nursery and we will be happy to help. There is a 24 hour deadline to complete log in details one TAPESTRY has sent the email