‘…….. has grown and developed with the nurture and  support from you all’ parent 2020

‘for nurturing her and supporting her unique passions’ parent 2020

‘……………..has had a wonderful time with so many amazing experiences’ parent 2020

‘Thankyou for putting so much time, love and care into…………’ parent 2020

‘If only I could stand on a platform and explain to parents considering Wizz Kids why they should definitely bring their precious little ones here but sadly that’s not me, and I would only cry through emotion of gratitude anyway! So instead I will just say THANK YOU…. THANK YOU……THANK YOU…. From the bottom of my heart’ parent 2020

‘Through development milestones such as walking, naps, self-feeding, toilet training, school preparation, and of course the strange year of Covid 19, you have all been there for H and for us, another reason why we cannot thank you enough’  parent 2020

‘From a parent’s point of view what more could we ask for?’ parent 2020

‘We couldn’t have hoped for a better childcare setting for our son’ parent 2020

‘We really appreciate the excellent care you have taken of R’ parent 2020

‘I can’t believe how the boy who cried every time we  arrived has changed into the confident child who strides in without looking back’ parent 2019

‘E has settled really well and is happy to come on her days.  We know its all down to the staff’ Oct 2019

‘You are the most fantastic nursery with the most amazing staff whose dedication to their job is incredible’  parent 2019

‘Thank you for all your care and attention’ parent 2018

‘G and G have developed, grown and flourished under your care’ parent 2018

‘We feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing nursery to start  M’s education’  parent 2018