What we did this year

We had Wizz Kids Sports Day. Have a look at the  photos below to see all the fun we had.

we did inside games with the parachute
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and outside races


We had a great day celebrating Diwali at Wizz kids today. We welcomed parents into nursery who helped the children with all the new activities. We loved making flat breads which were thoroughly enjoyed by the children. If you fancy making it at home here is the recipe  https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/quick_flatbreads_43123

The children also practised their artistic skills, painting henna onto cut out hands, making jewelled pictures of colourful flowers and making clay candle holders with decorative jewels. Here are a few photos of the day

We would like to say a big Thank you to all the parents who kindly donated second hand books for our stall at the summer fair. We raised £200 for Wizz Kids and will be spending the money on outdoor equipment. We really appreciate all the time and effort from the committee to help set up and run the stand and look forward to our next fundraising event


The children were invited to do an eye spy game around Sarah`s garden and look at vegetables in the ground and in the greenhouse.  We had a lovely time and it was great to have a trip out of nursery. All the children enjoyed the garden and were very well behaved crossing Baslow Road and holding hands.

Reading week went really well at Wizz Kids with lots of different people volunteering to read a story with the children. A special thanks to Totley Primary who sent children over to read to the children every day . Lots of the children were once at Wizz Kids so it was a real trip down memory lane for them. We also welcomed mums, dads and  grandparents to read favourite stories. We are always looking for reading volunteers so if you would like to pop in, please let us know.

We celebrated Easter at Wizz kids with lots of special themed activities. The children really enjoyed a visit from Rachel, our local minister at All Saints church. Rachel talked about the Easter story and bought arts and crafts activities for the children. They also enjoyed Easter baking, making chicks and Easter baskets and had a egg hunt in the afternoon. Thank you to all those who were involved.

Wizz Kids were very grateful to have a visit and demonstration from our local Mountain Rescue unit. Sarah left her usual post in the office to volunteer to be rescued by the children under instruction from Tony! The children helped to cover Sarah with the yellow rescue tent and to support her leg and cover her up. The blow up stretcher was expertly strapped around Sarah to make sure she was stable and warm.

The rescue land rover was a big hit with the children and they all enjoyed climbing aboard and seeing the rescue equipment. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tony and the local team for such an enjoyable and educational day. Here are some memories from the visit

Wow what an amazing day! The nursery was transformed with lots of Chinese decorations, crafts, foods , dancing dragon and Chinese fancy dress. A massive thank you to all staff and Mrs Chang who was an amazing help and inspiration for the children. One parents wrote an email expressing their thanks :

” F left nursery absolutely buzzing with excitement about her ” Chinese Day”. I have heard all about the wonderful activities she took part in and the chocolate coins were enjoyed and shared with her sister. Than you so much for all your hard work and the planning involved to give the children such a fun learning experience “